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As featured in Deep South Vibes – 16 Feb 2021

Real food made with real ingredients.

After months of development, passion and a deep desire to contribute to environmental sustainability, Ashleigh and Mathew created Rooted – A plant-based food producer of Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Soy-free, Cruelty-free Vegan food. In other words – real food made with real ingredients.

From the very beginnings of Rooted, ethicalnessaccessibility and non-alienating values were going to be key to their customer service and product philosophy as well as to the work environment within Rooted. Their goal of becoming a major contributor in the sustainable food industry in South Africa is already on course.


“We feel strongly that plant-based living should feel abundant and be accessible to anyone interested in trying it” mentions Ashleigh. “We feel that for many people, plant-based living can, at times, seem like an exclusive and almost privileged lifestyle.”

Ashleigh and Mathew, both with extensive knowledge and backgrounds in the food and service industries, want to empower anyone to enjoy this kind of lifestyle – this includes vegan-curious people, people simply wanting a meat-free Monday and people who, for health reasons, simply need to cut back on their meat consumption, but maintain a high level of nutrition.


“Plant-based food is often expensive; we aim to keep our price point as accessible to all people as possible” states Mathew, “Plant-based alternatives sometimes mimic meat, but don’t necessarily contain a good level of nutrition or flavor. We believe it’s the amazing flavour of our products that make a difference.”

“There is a growing trend towards plant-based, sustainable living” says Ashleigh, “We are a cruelty-free brand that aims to make plant-based living accessible and more appealing to a greater portion of our population, and feel strongly that a balance can be struck between achieving amazing flavour, and utilising real ingredients.“

Although their offering will undoubtedly grow, they chose to launch with a beautiful range of strictly plant-based, nutrient-dense patties that don’t imitate a meat experience.


Rooted Plant-Based Food has arrived, and the products are delicious! Grab a pack of their patties from any of their stockists, or buy online directly from their website (delivery is free on orders of R400 or more.)

 If you purchase directly from their website, you will get 20% off your first order after subscribing to receive news and offers.

 Their products are gluten-free, free of added sugar, free of flavour enhancers, and free of artificial colourants. Rooted offer three patty varieties: Beetroot and WalnutKale & Pea (a dark horse that always surprises people with how delicious it is), and Mushroom, Herb and Lentil.

 Shop Now and get into a Deep South Vibe!


Delivery areas include: Cape Town & Atlantic Seaboard, the Southern Suburbs & South Peninsula. Current South Peninsula stockists include: The Free Range Farm Shop at Imhoff Farm Village & All Things Earthly at Noordhoek Farm Village.

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